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Unique Website Design in a small design firm
WebEFX is a full-time WebSite design and development company in Durham, NC ...
... servicing over 30 business clients throughout the United States. Most of these clients do not require intensive site maintenance, and I keep my active clients to a mangeable level to ensure quality service.

Owned and operated by Jay P. Schwantes in home-based offices in Durham, NC, with robust dedicated WebServer facilities in an established Server Farm headquartered in North Carolina. I am happy to ask you to visit our Design Portfolio Page to see the designs I have created since incorporating this business in 1993 and developing WebSites since 1994. Feel free to contact any of the site owners and inquire about my service.

I will not attempt to make this site give the appearance that WebEFX is a large design firm. I personally handle every detail of your site's development. Such attention to detail requires scheduling of your new site design to accommodate my existing clients and their maintenance needs. With performance so critically tied to one individual, I will describe my experience and work ethic:

I left a corporate life in the Pharmaceutical Industry to pursue my own business in 1993. I have been married over 33 yrs with grown kids. This fact alone sets me apart from many designers who are here today and gone tomorrow. Many of my clients gat migrated to WebEFX after difficulty finding whathappened to their "Web Guy". My background is in Corporate Security Management and Graphics Design and have been a resident in this community for over 34 yrs. WebEFX is a stable and successful company and will be here to serve your needs for many years.

I offer turnkey WebSite solutions for small to mid-level corporate clients who wish to have a one-on-relationship with their Web Designer. From the business which has never been on the web to experienced companies wishing to provide a more professional presence, I provide it all for you. I even provide a growth path for those companies who wish to start small and grow into large, highly complex sites. Migration to higher levels of service is simple and quick through my association with larger development firms.

My clients know my reputation for detail and consistency and I pride myself on my responsive attitude toward your site maintenance. I am available 24 hours a day, even on my vacations, where I carry the laptop and keep in touch via email on a daily basis. My clients and my service reputation is paramount to me.

I hope you contact me to discuss your needs. - Jay P. Schwantes

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