At WebEFX, we handle your complete Online needs, except for your local access service. Someone like Time Warner provides that service. But your Web Presence needs are handled completely in-house at WebEFX.
  • WebDesign - All sites are custom Hand-Coded, no off-the shelf authoring programs or templated designs are employed. We start with a blank 'page' and develop the site based on conversations we've had with you and or staff. This is typically done on a project basis, with an approved budget in advance. Often you will be presented with a range with hi and low limits. I have never had a Web Design project go to completion without SOME changes requested by the owner as we progress, so you are given a typical range to start.
  • Web Maintenance - You simply contact me, usually by eMail, and request changes or maintenance to your site, and we usually get it done within 24 hours - often within hours. This is charged by the hour, currently $75/hour, in quarter-hour increments.
  • Web Hosting - like rental property, you are charged a monthly fee for Hosting your site on our WebServers. This is a robust platform with plenty of capacity - we currently run at about 15% capacity. This fee is dependant on the size of your site (Disk Space) and the potential for traffic (Bandwidth). This is determined in advance, and is subject to increase based on actual usage. In my many years doing this, I have rarely increased Hosting based on increased traffic, but the potential is there. It can be as low as $30/month to as high as some clients in the several hundreds of dollars due to their having quite a few sites, high volume and HUGE disk space requirements.
  • Domain Registration - if you already have a domain and just want me to manage it for you, or need a new domain, I am an authorized representative for a top-tier Registrar. This cost is a one-time fee for registration, generally $25 and an annual fee to keep it registered in your name. The Annual fee depends on what type or TLD (.com, .net, .mobi, .biz, etc) you order. Your first registration is for one year, but if your enterprise is successful and you wish to renew it, I renew on 5-year increments. This is due to the high volume of Domain Names Imanage, and cannot do it on an Annual basis effectively. You always have the option of doing this yourself.
  • Search Engine Optimization - ALL programmed sites have involved Search Engine Optimization techniques built-in to your code. We continue to remain aware of the basic search engine friendly techniques and build it right into your site. In todays competitive market, however, this is often not sufficient to be noticed on Search Sites without delving deep into the results pages. Typically, users do not go more than a few pages deep. It is possible, in a non-competitive field, to be listed high without any further efforts beyond the basics, but those instances are becoming rare.
  • Optimized Web Presence - We develop a significant "Web Presence" (not just a website), for local businesses in an area that is largely dominated by national chains and corporations. We do so for a cost effective, FLAT FEE. We specialize in providing comprehensive and compelling information about your business to consumers in your chosen campaign areas. There are many factors that create and strengthen your online web presence; each is taken into account.
    See details on our special Optimized Web Presence page.
  • Concierge Web Development - Most Web Development is a project-oriented effort, followed by on-demand site maintenance. However, some larger firms have regular Web Maintenance needs, yet not of sufficient quantity to require an in-house creative developer. I offer Concierge Web Development on a scheduled basis to look after those needs for you at a reduced rate. At regular intervals, I focus on your needs, optimize your site for search engine ranking, and modify pages to suit your needs.

    Even if you don't feel you could afford weekly scheduled blocks of time dedicated to Web Support, either half or full days to qualify for the reduced rate, we can offer other creative and technical services to you and your business. Most businesses can benefit from someone on-site once a week to keep their WebSite current, maintain their computers and ensure backups are performed properly. Until you need an IT professional full-time, consider our Concierge Services - Half Day and Full Day Packages are available - call for pricing and travel requirements.

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